Free ‘Business Web Listings’ Can Increase Your Visibility 10 – Fold

However, if you’d like to increase your visibility and sales through a few smart moves, please read on.One of the best deals going when it comes to getting your name and service/product out to a mass audience FOR FREE is the business Web listings offered by several big-name companies. Good deals are hard to find, so take advantage of them when you can. Here’s how:Verizon Super Pages Have you optimized your Verizon Super Pages listing? If you don’t have a SuperPages listing then you should. It’s free.SuperPages allows members who’ve signed up to have their free listing appear in multiple categories. Many consumers use the SuperPages when searching for local services and products so it’s a good idea to have your listing in as many relevant categories as possible. SuperPages has search functions that allow users to search by keyword, business name, city, state or zip.Local Folks Equal Local BusinessPeople like to do business with people they know, or at least with someone they can see face to face should the need arise. Users will tend to ignore all the sponsored listings and sponsored ads until they find a local listing. When you create your listing consider using in the text a combination of your company name and its location.For example, if your company name is Rourk Public Relations, you might consider the following combinations: Virginia Beach Rourk Public Relations or Virginia Rourk Public Relations. This way you are better positioned to catch users’ attention while they scan the page for listings.Google Local Listings Do you have Google Local Listing on Google Maps?It won’t cost you a thing. You can create and display a business listing for free.See: Google My Business: Qualified ProspectsThere’s a good chance that lots of people are currently searching on Google Maps for the products and services you offer. Why not make it easy for them to find you?You Have Full Control Over Your Listing With Google Maps you don’t have to worry about publishing deadlines or outdated content. After they initially verify your address, you can edit your listing whenever you like. You’ll see your changes reflected in the search results within six weeks.Offer Coupons for Free Displayed in your listing on Google Maps, coupons can reward loyal customers and attract new ones. You can manage listings for businesses of any size. Whether you have one business location or one on every block, you can manage your listings from a single account. (If you have more than 10 locations you can make updates by sending Google a data file.)Using free listings is one of the best marketing bargains at the moment. And with thousands of new users coming to the Web each day, and millions more making it a bigger part of their lives, it’s a must do item for your business.The Real-World Reputation PerspectivePeople browsing the web will see your listing or profile. As a result, this establishes you as a reputable, transparent business. Likewise, they see your name over and over again. Therefore you are building a name or ‘brand’ recognition.CONCLUSION
Submitting your site builds your online reputation. Moreover, you are extending your reach to other businesses and customers. For example, creating a local listing profile on other websites helps customers find you faster. Some sites allow you to create a complete listing. For example (business name, description, website link, email, and photos). Above all, most of these sites will allow you to do this all for free.

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